The Top 5 Benefits of Digital Sheet Music for Pianists

Discover the Advantages of Digital Sheet Music

The age of digital sheet music has arrived! Now, pianists and other musicians can take advantage of all the benefits of digital sheet music from virtually any computer or mobile device. Whether you’re a teacher giving private lessons, a gigging musician, or a student just starting out, there’s much to gain from the scores of scores available with a simple touch, click, or tap.

Sheet Music Direct and other leading vendors offer a huge selection of music. Anything from current hits and popular classics to show tunes, classical pieces, and more. Read on as we explore the top five benefits of this useful modern technology.

Contributed by Jim Bybee and Corey Fournier for Roland US

1. Portability

Digital sheet music makes it easy to take your music with you wherever you go. Instead of lugging around heavy music books and folders of loose scores, you can now carry everything you need for gigs, lessons, and practice on a laptop or tablet. Plus, you can keep those rare charts safe at home. You’ll never risk losing or damaging them again.

2. Convenience of Digital Sheet Music

When using a computer or tablet with an Internet connection, you have instant access to nearly any music you want to play. If you’re playing a gig and get a request for a song you don’t know, just log on to a site like Sheet Music Direct to find the music. How about that holiday gathering where everyone wants to sing along with a favorite tune? Just hop on the web to keep the party rolling.

Roland pianos and digital sheet music use modern technology to enhance your learning and enjoyment.

3. Connectivity

Digital sheet music is even more powerful when paired with the advanced tech in the latest digital pianos from Roland. Most models let you easily connect your tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth. Using the free Roland Piano Partner 2 app, you can view notation for the piano’s built-in song collection. The piano can play the songs first, so you can hear how they sound. Then, you can read the notation and play on your own. You can even practice just the right- or left-hand part while the piano plays the other.

4. Interactivity

Using digital sheet music offers powerful interaction that’s simply impossible with standard printed notation. You can change the key, expand the note size so it’s easier to see, adjust the play-along tempo, and more. With apps like Piano Partner 2 or piaScore, you can even use the pedals on certain Roland piano models to turn pages. This means you never need to lift your hands off the keys. And when using an education app like Faber’s Piano Adventures Player, the page turning automatically follows your playing! This makes it even easier to learn at your own pace.

5. Unlimited Access

Thanks to the availability of online subscription services, you can now get instant access to a vast selection of songs. What’s best is that they are available directly on your mobile device or computer. One such service is Sheet Music Direct PASS. For a recurring fee, you have unlimited access to their entire library. Impressively, this is currently over 300,000 pages of premium sheet music titles. They even offer a free one-month trial to try it out and see how you like it.