Omar Tavarez (Pitbull) Explains Playing Songs Live vs. The Album Recording

In this video Omar Tavarez, Musical Director and drummer for Pitbull‘s band, explains the dynamics of playing live the music from Pitbull’s recordings. Omar says that during the show he plays off the Pitbull’s vocal rhythm for added accents with drums and cymbals. According to Omar, in keeping to the integrity and familiarity of the original recording, Pitbull stresses to keep the playing and arrangements concise. This balance between the band’s talent, and keeping it simple, is what makes this show so exciting. While the audience comes to hear and watch something that is familiar to them from the radio or music videos, they also gain the added experience of watching The Agents deliver a world class performance. To conclude, Mr. World Wide (aka Pitbull) is backed by a world class band.

Pitbull’s band, The Agents consists of: More