New Products: JUNO-DS88 and JUNO-DS61 Synthesizers

Portable, Powerful, and Expandable

JUNO-DS88 and JUNO-DS61 Synthesizers

JUNO-DS88 (top) and JUNO-DS61 Synthesizers.

Roland has just launched the JUNO-DS series, the latest evolution of the popular JUNO line. Offered in two different models—the JUNO-DS88 and JUNO-DS61—these impressive new instruments are filled with updated sounds and many enhanced features. Like all JUNO synths, they’re easy to use and deliver incredible value, putting top-level performance within the reach of everyone from working pros to casual hobbyists. The JUNO-DS61 comes with the familiar 61-note synth-action keyboard, while the JUNO-DS88 is equipped with 88 weighted-action keys, a first in the long history of the JUNO series. Aside from their keyboards, the two synths have identical feature sets.