What are Drum Triggers?

A Simple Update to Your Acoustic Drum Kit

Roland Drum TriggersWhen it comes to drumming, acoustic drum triggers are the gateway to a sound palette limited only by your imagination. If you can think it, acoustic triggers can make it happen.

The Source of Sound…

Contemplate for a moment, the nature of sound. No matter what you play… a guitar, a piano, a wind instrument, even tapping your desk, the sound you hear comes as a result of striking something, like a piano key, a string, or even by hitting the instrument itself (like a drum head). Sound transmits  by vibration, which resonates  at a given frequency, which is then picked up by your ear and interpreted as sound. Even when you speak, your vocal chords vibrate at a frequency that your ears pick up, which your brain interprets as speech and words. The surface or interface you strike becomes the ‘trigger’ – the source of the sound. More