Five Reasons Why the Roland TD-1K is the Ultimate Electronic Drum Kit For Beginners

The Best Value in Entry-Level Electronic Drums

Roland TD-1K V-Drums

Roland TD-1K V-Drums.

Authors: Jim Bybee, Roland UK Features Team

Have you always wanted to play the drums, but haven’t taken the plunge yet because of concerns about noise, setup space, or cost? If so, you should really reconsider—the recently released Roland TD-1K makes getting into drumming practical, cost-effective, and most of all, fun. As the new entry-level member of the mighty V-Drums lineup, this kit punches well above its price tag to put aspiring drummers of every age behind a serious instrument that will last through years of playing.

Want to know more? Consider these five great reasons why the TD-1K is the very best choice to get you started with drumming.