Windows 8 drivers available for OCTA-CAPTURE, A-PRO series and more!

Roland has been making interfaces for music on computers since 1984 with the original MPU-401. The near 30 years of experience and understanding the importance of keeping pace with technology is clearly demonstrated with the release of Windows 8 drivers on October 26th, which is the same day Windows 8 began shipping.

To ensure delivery on the Windows 8 release, Roland’s engineering team has been building and testing the new drivers alongside the Windows 8 beta releases.

If you own any of the products below and have Windows 8 please download the drivers using the links below.
All CAPTURE series interfaces including the OCTA-CAPTURE USB Audio Interface and QUAD-CAPTURE USB Audio Interface have Windows 8 drivers available in both 32- and 64-bit formats.

The A-PRO series is also fully supported including the A-800PRO MIDI Keyboard Controller and new A-49 MIDI Keyboard Controller.

Here is a full list of Roland products that already have Windows 8 driver support:

We hope you enjoy Windows 8 and the new drivers!