Melodics for V-Drums Just Introduced

Quickly Build Rhythm and Timing Skills with This Fun Desktop App

Roland and Melodics™ have joined forces to introduce Melodics for V-Drums, a dedicated desktop learning app for Mac and Windows. With its interactive interface and engaging exercises, the app helps V-Drums users build and maintain drumming techniques. The app supports V-Drums modules equipped with a USB computer connector, including the TD-50, TD-30, TD-25, TD-15, TD-11, and TD-1. Connection is quick and simple, and sound can be monitored directly from the V-Drums module.

Melodics for V-Drums is a free download, and 40 free lessons are included. Paid subscribers can access 60 additional lessons, with new lessons being added every week.

Improve Faster with Melodics for V-Drums

Melodics for V-Drums pre-play screen.

Melodics for V-Drums pre-play screen.

Since 2015, Melodics has offered its unique desktop music lesson app to improve the beat-making skills of DJs and EDM musicians using pad controllers and drum machines. With their powerful USB audio and MIDI capabilities, V-Drums are a perfect fit with Melodics’ innovative modern lesson style.

The app’s lesson programs have a highly visual design that integrates interactive game styles to keep users motivated. Lessons are created by a variety of contemporary musicians to cover a wide range of music genres and playing styles, and new lessons are introduced every week to encourage regular practice.

Melodics for V-Drums will:

  • Give you instant feedback on your timing and accuracy
  • Help you play classic breaks step by step and learn new techniques from modern styles
  • Build your drumming expertise, with lessons for all skill levels across great genres

“We are excited to be working with Roland, the world leaders in electronic drums, to help musicians build and refine their skills,” said Melodics Limited CEO Sam Gribben. “As all great drummers know, practice is the key to mastery. Melodics is designed to help drummers get more from every minute they spend practicing. Not only will you learn faster, you’ll reduce the bad habits that can build up with unstructured practice. With music you’ll love to play to, and tools designed to help you stay motivated, Melodics will feel more like fun than work. Together, Roland and Melodics will help drummers around the world to get better, faster.”

Download the Melodics for V-Drums app and get started improving your playing today!

Screenshots from Melodics for V-Drums.

Screenshots from Melodics for V-Drums.