Pick Your Poison – SPD-SX versus SPD-30


As we head into this year’s V-Drums World Championship U.S. Finals it’s worth mentioning that every finalist has to incorporate the use of either an SPD-SX or an OCTAPAD® SPD-30 into their sets. Upon winning their semi-final competition, each contestant had a choice between these two units as their winning prize with the caveat of having to integrate it as part of their finals performance. Both units have tons of features that appeal to their legions of users.

Here are a few videos by Michael Schack demonstrating the SPD-SX and the SPD-30, Michael is Netsky’s touring drummer and also a Roland product specialist, demonstrator, and overall drum enthusiast.

SPD-SX: Michael Schack – “Do Me SPD-SX”

Whether you’re firing off one-shot samples, looped phrases, or complete audio playback tracks, the SPD-SX is loaded with the latest technology and tools to get the job done with speed, precision, and convenience. It is equipped with nine highly sensitive rubber pads with two independent real-time control knobs and four dedicated effect buttons. This is a sampling powerhouse with 2GB of internal memory that provides about 360 minutes of audio. If you still need more sounds, the built-in USB ports lets you directly import audio files from a thumb drive or from your computer. For a complete list of features visit the SPD-SX product page.

OCTAPAD SPD-30 – Michael Schack Performance Vol.1

The OCTAPAD combines cutting-edge drum and percussion sounds with the latest triggering and Phrase Loop function, it is a rugged instrument that’s versatile for any musical application. The on-board Phrase Loop function is a powerful creative tool that lets you quickly record your playing in real time. Each pad is a separate, isolated unit, providing the ultimate in sensitivity with complete crosstalk rejection. There are thirty types of internal multi-effects, plus EQ, limiter, and seven Ambience types. Most importantly, the Octapad has more than 600 drum and percussion sounds from around the world suited to cover any musical style. And, the Octapad just got an upgrade with the addition of the new Version 2.0 System Update which adds 99 new preset kits, new world percussion sounds, plus many more new enhancements. For a complete overview of the SPD-30 visit the SPD-30 product page.

SPD-SX with SPD-30 – Performed by Michael Schack


So, what’s the difference between the SPD-SX and the SPD-30? The SPD-SX is a powerful sampler with sound import functionality. The SPD-30 is a percussion pad with on-board sounds and phrase loop technology (sounds cannot be imported for sampling like the SPD-SX.) Another difference is that you can trigger up to four external sound sources on the SPD-30, or trigger two external sources on the SPD-SX. (See Roland’s Acoustic Drum Triggers and the vast array of  drum pads and controller options.) In either case, adding an SPD-SX and SPD-30 to your existing drum rig will greatly expand your sound options and open up your playing to new possibilities.