Win a Steve Stevens Autographed G-5 Strat

Steve Stevens G-5 Give Away

Guitar legend Steve Stevens is perhaps best known for his nearly 30-year association with ‘80s icon Billy Idol and his pyrotechnic playing on Idol tracks such as “Rebel Yell” and “Eyes Without a Face.” Additionally, Stevens boasts an impressive resumé of achievements as both a solo artist and sideman, working with a diverse range of artists, including such greats as Joni Mitchell, Michael Jackson, Vince Neil and many others. In 1986, his contributions to the Top Gun soundtrack earned Stevens a Grammy Award. Considering his incredible experience, Roland approached the guitar legend for his take on our ground braking G-5 Fender Strat. Check out the video below for his thoughts and enter to win the featured G-5 Strat autographed by Mr. Stevens himself!

Stevens Autograph

The G-5 features the following guitars and tunings:

MODE knob: 5 types

  • N: Normal (non-modeling mode)
  • S: Stratocaster
  • T: Telecaster
  • H: Humbucker
  • A: Acoustic

TUNING knob: 6 types

  • N: Normal tuning
  • D: Drop D
  • G: Open G
  • d: D Modal
  • B: Baritone
  • 12: 12-string guitar
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