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Roland Recording Class - STUDIO-CAPTURE

Roland Recording Class – STUDIO-CAPTURE

On June 11, at 3:00 p.m. PST Roland clinician and recording artist, Brandon Ryan, and Guitar Center invite you to sit in the Roland recording class. Portable recording solutions for singer-songwriters and live recording using the latest Roland gear are both on the agenda. Topics will include everything from monitoring and mixing, to connecting mics and instruments to the I/O, to production techniques that even novices can master using SONAR’s fast and fluid ProChannel.

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Portable Roland Recording…

For the portable recording portion of this webinar, singer-songwriter Sarah Vee will use the DUO-CAPTURE EX with an iPad running Garageband to record a song. See how the tablet feature turns her iPad into a professional recording device.

Roland Recording Class

Live Roland Recording…

For the studio-recording portion, Brandon will demonstrate the power of the STUDIO-CAPTURE. He’ll demonstrate how to plug in a full band, with a full band, live in the studio, including keys, drums, guitar, bass, and singers for recording. In addition to capturing audio,  he’ll demonstrate how the STUDIO-CAPTURE handles headphone monitor mixes for individual players. With all of this gear plugged in, this is the perfect opportunity to find out just how good the AUTO-SENSE feature really is. If you’re a skeptic, here’s your chance to find out and ask questions.


SONAR X2 will then be used to bring this band’s freshly recorded music to life during the mixing session. In addition to showing how SONAR X2 can handle recording 15 tracks at the same time, a quick overview of this powerful DAW will be provided. The mixing section of the webinar is also a great opportunity to learn the extent of SONAR X2’s touch-screen feature. You’ll be able to get a sense for the nostalgic, yet futuristic feeling of interacting with a mixing board on a flat screen surface.

About the Band…

Roland Recording Class SouLianceSouLiance describes their band as rock and soul with a funk edge. This young four-piece band is made up of three gals and a guy. If you’re wondering about their musical chops, they’ve got them. They are all highly trained musicians that have attended reputable schools such as Berklee, Musicians Institute and the LA Music Academy. Not only are they highly trained, but they also come from musical families. (Bassist Sarah Acosta’s father is Grammy award-winning guitarist Al Petteway.)


  • Sarah Vee: Lead Vocals / Guitar
  • Sarah Acosta: Background Vocals / Bass Guitar
  • Caitlin Moss: Drums / Percussion
  • Joe Quattrocchi: Piano / Clavi