Product Support for Your Roland Gear

Four Ways to Get Answers from Our Gear Pros

Product Support

“We have the gear to answer your questions.” -Product Support

It happens to all of us…it’s past 10:00 p.m. on a Saturday, and you are stumped as to how to work a particular feature on your Roland product. Normally, you’d have to wait to call product support until Monday. Obviously, this is not very helpful if the band is waiting for you to get things together for the night’s gig!

Earlier this year Roland U.S. launched a suite of product support services to help you get the answers when you need them. No more waiting all night or weekend for your answers. Below are the different avenues of product support available from Roland U.S.

Knowledge Base…

The Knowledge Base is continuously updating with new topics and solutions based on your direct feedback. As a question comes in, we not only provide the answer to one customer, we also turn that solution into a Knowledge Base article to benefit all users. In addition, many of the Knowledge Base articles have videos that show you step-by-step exactly how to accomplish a task. Check out the video below as an example. This particular video shows you how to save patches on the SH-01 to USB memory.

The Knowledge Base features thousands of articles that cover frequently asked questions to very deep, technical issues.

Product Support Via Social Media…

Have a question for support and love social media? You can ask a question via our Facebook or Twitter pages and get a direct response from our expert team. It’s a great way to get the help you need. You can post your question on our Facebook wall if you want to open your question to our Facebook community as well as our team of product specialists. Or, you can send your question via Facebook private message.

Product Support Via Email…

If you prefer to write out your question and email it to us, that’s no problem. You can log in to Backstage and send us your questions. Just like sending your question via Facebook or Twitter, you can be sure that your response will come from an expert on your product. Your Backstage account will keep track of all your support requests and lets you view the status of those requests in one convenient location. You can also register your Roland and BOSS products, access a list of all your products with serial number and purchase information, and access quick links to the owner’s manuals.

Product Support Via Phone…

Sometimes things are best discussed on the phone, and we are more than happy to oblige. Our product specialists are available by phone Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

Roland and BOSS customers in the U.S. can enjoy this new suite of services now, free of charge!