Practicing with Electronic Drums

Get Better Faster with the TD-15 Module

Roland electronic drums are known for their incredible playability, extremely expressive sounds, and overall quality, but did you know that V-Drums Drum Modules also have great practice tools? These drum tools are designed to challenge you and help you get better faster! Let’s explore the TD-15 Drum Module.*

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Improve Your Timing with Metronome…

An essential drum practice tool for every drummer, the TD-15’s metronome allows selection of time signature, beat interval, click sound, panning, and volume. You can also route the metronome’s output to headphones only.

Electronic Drums with Coach Mode…

The Coach mode includes exercises designed to improve and challenge your skills. Coach mode is your personal drumming instructor and great for drummers at any level.

  • Time Check – Maybe you’re used to playing with a metronome, but are you really in time? Are you ahead, behind, or right on the beat? Time Check gives you immediate visual feedback and scores your accuracy.
  • Quiet Count – This is an exercise to build and test your “inner clock” or sense of timing. Simply put, the metronome is audible for a specified number of measures then goes quiet (almost silent) for one, two, or four measures. This forces you to concentrate and keep your tempo steady! Your accuracy is shown as a percentage.
  • Warm Ups – Warming up is essential to keep you loose and keep your chops sharp! Different duration times can be selected from a simple to an intense warm up session.
    • Change Ups – Cycles automatically through various note intervals, from half-notes through sixteenth notes, including triplets and quintuplets!
    • Auto Up/Down – The metronome automatically increases (then decreases) in tempo and is a great chops builder!
    • Time Check – This Coach favorite keeps your timing in check!

Play Along Songs and Quick Record…

The TD-15 includes a great selection of play along songs and patterns in a variety of musical styles. Want to jam with your favorite tunes? You can access WAV and MP3 files directly from an optional USB thumb drive, and you’ll never forget a thick groove or an inspired fill with the two-button ease of Quick Record (QUICK REC)! When a USB thumb drive is connected, the five (5) most recent quick-record performances are exported via USB as a Standard MIDI File (SMF).

Roland V-Drums – Great playability, amazing sounds, and practical functions for any drummer from beginner to pro!

 * Similar training functions are included in the TD-4, TD-11, and HPD-10. All Roland TD and HD Series modules include a built-in metronome.