The New HandSonic HPD-20 has Arrived!

Dynamic Instrument and Pad Controller for Stage and Studio

HPD-20 HandSonic Hand Percussion Unit

Roland’s acclaimed HandSonic series invented the category of digital hand percussion over a decade ago, and the latest generation is now here! The all-new HandSonic HPD-20 seriously heats things up with its SuperNATURAL sound engine, user sound import and computer connectivity via USB, and many other enhancements. More versatile than ever before, the latest HandSonic is not just for percussionists and drummers—it’s also ideal for EDM performers, DJs, studio producers, and other modern music makers.

Inspiring and Exceptionally Versatile

The HandSonic HPD-20 is perfect for everyone that incorporates percussion into their music:

  • Percussionists—Enjoy a massive library of percussion instruments from around the globe, and use the HPD-20’s unique pad interface and real-time controls to execute authentic acoustic techniques with flawless results.
  • Drummers—In addition to percussion, the HPD-20 is filled with excellent drum sounds, and you can connect a Roland kick pad and hi-hat controller to build a super-compact percussion kit that’s great for small gigs and recording sessions.
  • EDM performers and DJs—The HPD-20 has a large selection of electronic percussion and melodic synth tones onboard, and it excels as an ultra-expressive MIDI controller for playing sounds in synths and drum machines. You can also load WAV sounds via USB and use the HPD-20 as a phrase playback device for sound hits, FX, loops, and more, with the ability to start and stop loops with the pads.
  • Studio composers and producers—Thanks to its unique and highly sensitive pad interface, the HandSonic is simply the best compact pad controller available for hand-based recording of beats and percussion parts with modern drum samplers and other virtual instruments. And with the HPD-20’s USB audio/MIDI capabilities, you can even record the unit’s great onboard sounds directly into your DAW with a single-cable connection.

HandSonic HPD-20 hand percussion unit Top view

A Truly Unique Hand Percussion Instrument from Roland, the Leader in E-Percussion

Featuring the powerful combo of the SuperNATURAL sound engine and a multi-pad interface based on V-Drums technology, the HandSonic HPD-20 is a sophisticated musical instrument with an incredible range of dynamic expression on tap. Onboard are 850 sounds and 200 user-configurable kits, with 100 kits filled with ready-to-play setups covering styles from traditional percussion to modern electronica. Instruments include ethnic percussion from around the world, orchestra and melodic percussion, drums, and a wide array of electronic percussion and synth tones.

The HPD-20 provides expressive capabilities that are simply light years beyond your typical pad controller. 13 velocity-sensitive pads feature a new, even more comfortable silicon surface and the latest sensing technology, and are arranged in a highly playable circular fashion. The two largest pads offer positional sensing like that found in V-Drums, so you can play with natural tonal variations depending on where you strike them. All the pads interact with each other in a musical way, so you can touch or press a pad to dampen or mute another pad’s tone, adjust its pitch, and more. This makes it possible to deliver traditional acoustic hand percussion techniques with authentic results, and also provides a cool way to create dynamic textures with electronic sounds and more.

HandSonic HPD-20 hand percussion unit Rear Panel

Additional controllers include a Roll button, a Realtime Modifier knob for pitch and effects, and the D-BEAM for triggering sounds and effects with a wave of your hand. You can layer and customize sounds with powerful sound editing features, and spice up tones with three independent multi-effects engines (each with 25 different effects types) plus ambience and EQ. With the handy Quick Rec function, it’s a snap to capture beats and ideas on the fly.

HandSonic HPD-20 hand percussion unit on stage

Load Your Own Sounds and Connect with Computers

Via a USB memory stick, it’s easy to load up the HPD-20 with your own WAV sounds and assign them to the pads. Imported sounds work just like those that are built in, with complete editing and effects processing at your command. With up to 12 minutes of time available, it’s possible to load audio phrases and sound effects in addition to percussion and drum tones, and you can back up your HPD-20 kits to USB memory, too.

HandSonic HPD-20 hand percussion unit in the Studio

The HPD-20 can also be connected to computers via USB and used as an audio/MIDI interface. With the unique pads, you can play drum samplers and virtual instruments with your hands and enjoy a level of dynamic expression that’s just not attainable from standard studio pad controllers. Audio transfer over USB makes it simple to capture the HPD-20’s high-quality onboard sounds into your DAW music productions.

Expandable with a Pad, Hi-Hat Controller, and MIDI

While it’s an exceptional performer as a standalone percussion instrument, the HPD-20’s trigger inputs let you expand your setup with a Roland pad and hi-hat controller to create a super-compact percussion kit for all kinds of playing situations, from coffee houses to small clubs to studio sessions. MIDI I/O is included as well for communicating with V-Drums sound modules, SPD-series percussion pads, keyboards, and more.

HandSonic HPD-20 hand percussion unit on a stand

HandSonic HPD-20 with FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller and KD-9 Kick Pad

Learn more about the new HandSonic HPD-20 at RolandConnect.