New RD-800 Stage Piano

The Ultimate Keyboard for Gigging Players

With the RD-800 Stage Piano, Roland takes the long-running RD series into a new realm of sound, feel, and versatility. Delivering flagship performance all the way around, this impressive instrument features Roland’s best acoustic and electric piano sounds, the latest top-of-the-line weighted keyboard action, and a vast range of additional tones for flexibility in every performing situation. The RD-800 also includes an all-new interface for maximum control on stage, great effects for enhancing sounds, and a sleek new body design that’s lighter and easier to transport than previous generations.

RD-800 Stage Piano Artist Impressions

Premium Pianos and a Whole Lot More

Equipped with Roland’s SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine, the RD-800 provides a superior playing experience that’s incredibly natural, organic, and responsive. There are 5 different acoustic piano types and 34 variations to choose from, including a newly developed Upright tone and a Concert Grand with enhanced presence for cutting through when playing with loud bands.

RD-800 Stage Piano on stage with band

With the onboard Piano Designer, you can customize any sound exactly to your liking. This powerful feature puts an enormous amount of sound shaping at your command, allowing you to tweak subtle tonal elements like string resonance, hammer noise, and many others. You can takes things even further Individual Note Voicing, which lets you adjust the tone character, level, and pitch independently for all 88 notes.

The RD-800 also includes an enhanced selection of vintage electric pianos (5 types and 56 variations). Modeled with stunning accuracy, these EPs truly sound and respond like the real deal, and there’s even a dedicated amp simulator for the final authentic touch. As with the acoustic pianos, you’re able to customize the tones with many editable parameters, and you can create unique new sounds by morphing between two EP models with the Tone Color knob.

Not stopping at world-class pianos, the RD-800 offers over 1100 additional sounds for maximum stage versatility. With everything from Virtual Tone Wheel organs to modern synth sounds to acoustic instruments like strings, brass, and more at your disposal, you have all the sounds you need for any gig in one convenient instrument.

RD-800 Stage Piano Controls

Newly Developed Flagship Keyboard Action

With the new PHA-4 Concert Keyboard with Escapement and Ebony/Ivory Feel, the RD-800 provides the hammer-action performance of an acoustic grand in a portable instrument you can take everywhere. Roland’s latest design features the most recent developments in touch-sensing technology, delivering fast, high-resolution response for a previously unattained level of organic expression and tonal nuance. The keyboard also includes an escapement mechanism and unique key materials that emulate the feel of ebony and ivory, further enhancing the authentic grand piano experience.

Designed for the Stage

To support its premium sounds and authentic feel, the RD-800’s user interface was built with the practical needs of performing players at the forefront. The clearly organized panel offers a hi-res color LCD, plus a ton of dedicated controls that allow you to easily perform essential tasks like selecting and layering tones, setting split points, adjusting effects, and more.

RD-800 Stage Piano Display and Real-Time Controls

With Live Sets, you can store your favorite setups and recall them instantly with dedicated buttons. The attention to high usability even extends to the panel knobs, which all feature integrated LED indicators for easy visibility on dark stages and other dimly lit environments. The rear panel provides pro connectivity with both XLR and 1/4-inch jacks, and there’s also a convenient stereo mini jack for plugging in a music player.

The RD-800 includes lots of additional features to support live performing, studio use, and practice. There are 200 onboard rhythm patterns to jam with, and a built-in metronome to keep your time steady while honing your technique. Via a USB memory stick, you can record ideas and performances, and play along with your favorite WAV audio files for fun or stage backing. The keyboard also provides MIDI master controller features for easily controlling external sound modules and other MIDI devices.

RD-800 Stage Piano Rear Panel

RD-800 Stage Piano Rear Panel

Enhance Sounds with the Unique Tone Color Knob and Studio-Quality Multi-Effects

Newly developed for the RD-800 is the powerful new Tone Color function, which alters many different sound elements simultaneously with just a quick twist of a single knob. Optimized specifically for individual sounds, various Tone Color functions include widening/narrowing the stereo image, morphing between two sounds, boosting the presence to cut through a dense mix, or adjusting all of an organ’s harmonic bars at once.

RD-800 Stage Piano Real-Time Controls

The RD-800 also includes a large selection of effects, with dedicated controls for processing and enhancing tones while performing. Reverb and delay effects are on hand for ambience, while the Modulation FX section offers 56 different effects types to choose from.

The Tremolo and Amp Simulator section includes a number of tremolo and amp types optimized for electric pianos, as well as a rotary effect for classic vintage organ tones. There’s also a dedicated five-band equalizer for shaping your sound to suit a venue or song, and four knobs that are assignable to control custom parameters that you choose.

RD-800 Stage Piano and KS-G8B Stand

RD-800 with optional KS-G8B stand and RPU-3 pedal unit.

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