Explore the Power of Hybrid Drums

New Drum Products: TM-2 Trigger Module and KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal

Roland’s latest E-percussion products make it easier than ever to supplement your acoustic drums with the powerful benefits of electronics. Compact and extremely affordable, the TM-2 Trigger Module provides two dual-trigger inputs, as well as over 100 ready-to-play sounds and the ability to trigger your own sounds, loops, and tracks via an SDHC card. With its low-profile design and pro feel, the KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal integrates seamlessly alongside other pedals in your kit, and also works great as a low-noise pedal for use with V-Drums.

Hybrid drums are commonly used by touring pros to achieve fat, studio-polished drum sounds in live concerts, and also to incorporate loops and purely electronic tones for modern styles. With the TM-2, KT-10, and other Roland products like RT-series acoustic drum triggers, it’s now simple to bring these high-impact sounds to every venue you play in. If you’ve been thinking about adding electronics to your acoustic set but haven’t yet taken the plunge, the time is right to go for hybrid drums now!

Hybrid Drums On/Off Comparison

TM-2: Pro Sounds and Trigger Inputs in a Tiny Package

TM-2 hybrid drums module Top View

Roland TM-2 Trigger Module.

Drummer with TM-2 Hybrid Drums Module

Amazingly compact and simple to use, the TM-2 includes a ton of great built-in sounds, from acoustic drums and percussion to modern electronic instruments. Many have been specifically optimized for blending with acoustic kick, snare, and toms when using RT-series acoustic drum triggers. This give you the ability to mix sampled and live sounds together for more fullness, punch, and cut, just like pro drummers and sound engineers do on major concert tours. Multi-effects are also available to sweeten sounds and add that extra studio touch.

Great as they are, you’re not stuck with only the TM-2’s internal sounds—via the SDHC card slot, you can use your own WAV audio files transferred from a computer! This puts you in complete control, letting you incorporate studio-processed drums from your latest album, sound effects, and favorite looped grooves. You can even trigger backing tracks, ideal for both drum practice or extending your band’s sound on stage. The TM-2 includes MIDI as well, allowing you to play sounds in keyboards, computers, and other sound modules.

The TM-2 mounts quickly and unobtrusively onto your hi-hat stand or a drum rack with standard hardware. Best of all, it can run on batteries, so there’s no need to bring AC power to your kit. The TM-2’s two trigger inputs can be used with numerous Roland drum products, and dual-trigger support means that you can connect up to four single-trigger devices at once.

TM-2 Hybrid Drums ModuleSD Card Slot

Load your own sounds into the TM-2 Trigger Module via the SDHC card slot.

Trigger devices compatible with the TM-2 include just about any Roland V-Pad or V-Cymbal. But in creating a hybrid drum set, you might also want to look toward low-profile products that blend seamlessly with your acoustic drums, or those that allow you to use your drums themselves as triggers. Excellent options include the compact BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad, which has a curved shape that mounts onto the rim of an acoustic drum, or Roland’s RT-series acoustic drum triggers that mount on kick, snare, and tom drums. If you want to trigger sounds from the floor, the new KT-10 is a perfect choice.

TM-2 Hybrid Drums Module Battery Compartment

The TM-2 Trigger Module runs on four AA-size batteries or the included AC adapter.

KT-10: Innovative Design for Low Noise and Pro Feel

Roland Hybrid Drums KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal

Roland KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal.

Unlike Roland’s kick pads that are triggered with an acoustic bass drum pedal and beater, the KT-10 integrates both the pad and pedal in one highly innovative design. The low-profile pedal features a newly developed reverse-action trigger mechanism that provides pro performance with fast, fluid response. In addition to its compact size, the KT-10 is also incredibly quiet, producing far less noise than a kick pad played with a standard pedal and beater.

Hybrid Drums KT-10 Beater Detail

The KT-10’s reverse-action trigger mechanism feels great and is very quiet.

Simple adjustments let you customize the KT-10’s feel to suit your personal style. Weights in the beater mechanism can be removed or shifted to change the response, while moving the integrated spring to different hook positions modifies the pedal’s tension. A convenient Mix In trigger jack makes it easy to create a double-pedal setup simply by connecting a second KT-10 or any Roland kick pad.

With its small footprint, the all-in-one KT-10 fits easily alongside other pedals in your acoustic drum kit. It works great with the TM-2, and can also be used with Roland percussion instruments such the SPD-SX Sampling Pad, OCTAPAD SPD-30, and HandSonic HPD-20.

Of course, the KT-10 is also perfect for use with a V-Drums set, particularly when playing at home. Based on Roland’s tests, the pedal produces approximately 75 percent less noise in the playing room than a kick pad triggered with a normal beater, making it an ideal solution for keeping things quiet while practicing or recording with headphones.

KT-10 and TD-11K V-Compact Series V-Drums

KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal with a TD-11K V-Compact Series V-Drums set.

Learn more about the TM-2 Trigger Module and KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal at RolandConnect.com.