New BOSS GT-001 Guitar Effects Processor

Pro Tones in a Desktop Audio Interface

GT-001 Guitar Effects Processor

GT-001 Guitar Effects Processor

The new GT-001 Guitar Effects Processor puts the flagship tones of BOSS’ GT-100 Version 2.0 floor-based multi-effects inside a stylish, compact, and affordable USB audio interface for desktop or mobile DAW recording. In addition to guitar connectivity and world-class amps and effects, the GT-001 also includes an XLR mic input for capturing vocals and acoustic instruments. And with the free BOSS TONE STUDIO software (available at BOSS TONE CENTRAL), it’s simple to edit and organize your GT-001 patches right from your computer.

Session Legend Steve Lukather Dials Up Tones on the GT-001

Veteran session player, songwriter, and Toto founder Steve Lukather knows all about great tone. Perhaps the most-recorded guitarist of all time, he has over 1500 recording credits, including mega-hits with Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Michael McDonald, and those with his own band. Steve’s created a collection of free patches for both the GT-001 and the GT-100 Version 2.0, which are available for download at BOSS TONE CENTRAL.

A Computer Recording & Practicing Solution for Guitarists

If your music production needs are focused on guitars and songwriting, the GT-001 is for you. Its COSM sound engine offers both instant access and latency-free performance, allowing you to dial up pro guitar tones without the hassle of fiddling with software plug-ins. The built-in four-channel USB audio interface provides lots of flexibility for recording in your favorite DAW, letting you capture processed or unprocessed tones—or both at the same time—in your software. When you record an unprocessed tone, you can then easily re-amp the track through the GT-001 and adjust the sound after the fact to create the perfect sound for a mix.

With the XLR input, you’re able to plug in a mic and record vocals, acoustic guitars, and other acoustic instruments. Phantom power is available, allowing you to use a studio condenser mic for top-quality sound. A number of preset effects patches are on hand for vocals and acoustic guitars, providing polished, ready-to-go sounds for capturing ideas and song tracks with no fuss.

BOSS GT-001 Guitar Effects Processor Front Panel

BOSS GT-001 Guitar Effects Processor front panel.

Of course, the GT-001 functions as a standalone mobile guitar effects processor as well, so you can plug in a set of headphones and practice anytime without being connected to a computer. There’s also a convenient 1/8-inch stereo input, which you can use for connecting a smart phone, music player, or other device for jam backing while practicing.

GT-001 Guitar Effects Processor Right Side

The GT-001 has audio inputs for a guitar, mic, and stereo line-level device, plus a jack for connecting an optional expression pedal or footswitches.

GT-100 Version 2.0 Sound Engine Inside

The acclaimed GT-100 is BOSS’ most powerful guitar processor ever, and it’s just received a huge performance boost with Version 2.0 software. The GT-001’s sound engine is 100-percent equivalent to the updated GT-100, and patch data can even be shared between the two units. This allows you to use the large selection of free patches available at BOSS TONE CENTRAL, as well as user-created GT-100 patches on the web. Patch compatibility is also great if you already have a GT-100 for stage performing, allowing you to use the GT-001 as a desktop home rig and maintain consistent tones between both setups.

GT-001 Guitar Effects Processor Rear Panel

The GT-001 can be powered by the included AC adapter or a computer’s USB bus.

At your fingertips in the GT-001 is a huge collection of amps powered by COSM technology, including a wide range of vintage classics plus unique Advanced amps that deliver enhanced performance based on decades of modeling R & D by BOSS. Also included are new BGNR UB Metal and ORNG Rock Reverb amps added with the GT-100 Version 2.0 update. In addition, there’s an enormous range of amazing effects on hand—overdrives, distortions, mod effects, delays, reverbs, pitch shifters, you name it. BOSS’ latest MDP effects are also on board (Tera Echo, Overtone, and A-DIST), as well as newly developed Rotary 2 and Acoustic Guitar Simulator effects.

GT-001 Guitar Effects Processor Left Side

Mono/stereo output jacks and headphones connector on the GT-001.

Just like the GT-100, the GT-001 offers dual effects chains with flexible serial or parallel routing options. You can blend two amps and effects chains together to create super-rich studio tones, build unique and refined sounds with parallel effects, and much more. The effect chains can also be toggled with an optional footswitch, providing channel-switching style functionality for jamming and recording. Effect chains can even be switched with frequency or playing dynamics, allowing you to change your sound by where you play on the neck or by how hard you strike the strings.

The GT-001 also includes monophonic guitar-to-MIDI conversion, another new GT-100 Version 2.0 feature. This lets you explore playing soft synths and other computer-based MIDI instruments with just a normal guitar. It also works with Guitar Friend Jam, the popular free practice and social networking software from Roland.

Free Downloads: Editor/Librarian & Pro Patches

While patches can be edited directly from the GT-001 panel, it’s even easier with the BOSS TONE STUDIO software. Available as a free download for Mac and Windows, BOSS TONE STUDIO is a full-featured editor/librarian that offers a friendly graphical interface for tweaking and organizing GT-001 patches from your computer. The software also provides a direct link to BOSS TONE CENTRAL on the web, allowing you download free patches created by guitar pros right into the GT-001 via USB.

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BOSS GT-001 Guitar Effects Processor