New RP-401R and F-130R Digital Pianos

Stylish, Compact, and Affordable Instruments for the Home

New RP-401R and F-130R Digital Pianos header image

Roland F-130R Digital Piano in White finish.

Have you been thinking about bringing a quality piano into your life, but haven’t made the move yet because of concerns about the size and cost? Well, now you can—the RP-401R and F-130R are made just for you! Equally suited for young kids starting out and adults that want to learn and enjoy the piano, these stylish instruments provide top Roland features at attractive prices that fit nicely into tight budgets. And with their efficient, space-saving designs, the RP-401R and F-130R are perfect for contemporary living spaces such as condos, apartments, and smaller houses.

RP-401R and F-130R Overview


RP-401R: The Ideal Piano for a Young Family

Lesson on the Roland RP-401R

With traditional appointments and a compact size that fits in any room, the RP-401R is a great instrument for young parents wanting to start their kids on the piano. Roland’s respected sound, action, and technology features offer best-in-class performance, providing a solid foundation for years of musical growth. The SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine and PHA-4 Standard Keyboard deliver the authentic tone and touch of a real acoustic grand, ensuring that young students develop their piano skills the right way. The RP-401R also has three integrated pedals like an acoustic piano, including a Progressive Damper Action pedal for developing traditional playing techniques. Contemporary Black or Simulated Rosewood finishes allow you to choose the best look to match your home’s decor.

Roland RP-401R Digital Piano in Simulated Rosewood

Roland RP-401R Digital Piano in Simulated Rosewood finish.

F-130R: A Perfect Choice for Urban Living

Enjoying the Roland F-130R Digital Piano

If you live in an apartment or condo and want to enjoy a high-end piano experience every day, the F-130R is the ideal choice. Equipped with the same premium sound and feel as the RP-401R, the F-130R offers a sleek, modern look and a design that’s even more compact. The unique lid design closes to completely cover the keys when the piano’s not in use, providing a low-profile appearance that blends unobtrusively with your other furnishings. When open, the lid becomes a music rack for holding your favorite sheet music. The F-130R is available in either White or Contemporary Black.

Roland F-130R Digital Piano in an Apartment

The Roland F-130R Digital Piano blends nicely into contemporary living spaces.

Have Fun with Onboard Rhythms and Additional Sounds

Both the RP-401R and F-130R feature an intelligent rhythm function that automatically follows your playing. The rhythms magically track the chords played on the keyboard, putting you in control of a complete musical ensemble! In addition to being great fun, this also provides an engaging way to build timing skills while learning. With 72 different rhythm styles, you can explore many different musical genres, from rock and jazz to Latin, reggae, and more. The RP-401R and F-130R also include a large selection of additional sounds, opening up a world of music beyond the acoustic piano. Sounds include electric pianos, organs, guitars, brass, synths, and many others, all available at the touch of a button.

Roland F-130R with Headphones

The ability to play silently with headphones is one the many advantages of a Roland digital piano.

Digital Piano Benefits for Your Modern Lifestyle

In addition to providing a smaller physical size, lower purchase cost, and no need for regular tuning, the powerful digital technologies in the RP-401R and F-130R offer many other practical benefits over traditional acoustic pianos. It’s easy to adjust the instrument’s volume, ensuring that you don’t disturb neighbors and family members that are close by. You can also use headphones to play silently day or night, and the cool Headphones 3D Ambience effect enhances these private sessions with a rich, spatial sound experience that feels like you’re playing through the piano’s speaker system. Other useful digital features for everyday playing include a large onboard song library, plus a built-in recorder for self-evaluation and sharing performances via USB memory. Roland’s free piano apps for Apple iOS devices are also supported, providing a unique way to learn and have more fun with the piano.

Piano Partner for iPad for the RP-401R and F-130R

The Piano Partner app for iPad is a great learning companion for the Roland RP-401R and F-130R.

RP-401R and F-130R USB Memory

USB memory connected to the RP-401R and F-130R can be used for song playback, recording, and file sharing.

Visit the product pages at the Roland U.S. website to learn more about the exciting new RP-401R and F-130R.