New Product: Super UA Audio Interface

Premium Build and Audiophile Sound

Roland Super UA Audio Interface

Roland Super UA Audio Interface.

In a vast sea of compact audio interfaces for personal music production, Roland’s new Super UA stands far above the rest. To start, it delivers the state-of-the-art in fidelity, offering native support for both 1-bit DSD and 32-bit PCM playback and recording at rates up to 24-bit/192 kHz. It also looks and feels great, with sculpted controls, all-metal construction, and a versatile modular design that makes it easy to use as a grab-and-go mobile interface. Adding in a high-performance headphone amp, built-in switching for multiple monitors, and much more, the Super UA is destined to become the next interface for your personal music rig.

Exceptional Audio Quality

The Super UA’s amazing sound comes courtesy of Roland’s newly developed S1LKi audio engine. Using the same type of 1-bit D/A converter used in DSD, S1LKi produces ultra-smooth, unclouded sound when compared to standard D/A conversion in typical PCM-based audio interfaces.

Roland Super UA Audio Interface Top Panel

The top panel of the Super UA’s main unit.

S1LKi enables four-channel playback of DSD audio sampled at 2.8 MHz, as well as PCM playback at rates up to 32-bit/192 kHz. This means that you can experience mixing and monitoring at your DAW’s native 32-bit floating-point playback rate, without converting to 24-bit or 16-bit as with typical interfaces. Sweet!

The Super UA also provides pro-quality A/D conversion and up to four simultaneous channels of 24-bit PCM recording. Supporting Windows and Mac platforms, Roland’s ASIO and Core Audio drivers deliver stable, ultra-low-latency performance for playing soft synths and monitoring live audio through plug-ins.

Versatile Design and Impressive Looks

The Super UA consists of a main unit and a separate module with additional I/O. Perfect for desktop placement, the main unit is equipped with two channels of I/O on TRS jacks, plus 1/4-inch and 1/8-inch headphones jacks that can be used simultaneously. The rear panel also includes a breakout connector for the I/O module, which provides two mic channels and two audio outputs on XLR connectors.

Super UA with I/O module

The Super UA’s included I/O module provides two mic preamps and two outputs on XLR connectors.

With its cool metal design, the Super UA’s main unit brings a premium look and feel to your music workspace. Though compact, it has a substantial footprint that’s solid and won’t slide around. Low-profile panel buttons allow you to select inputs and switch output routing among multiple monitors and headphones. There’s also a large, multi-function knob with a solid, smooth feel for adjusting input and listening levels, plus high-res LED meters to keep an eye on signals while working.

Super UA Rear Panel

Rear panel of the Super UA main unit.

An Interface for Home and Away

Developed with the modern musician in mind, the Super UA’s flexible modular design makes it feel like a permanent fixture in your studio, yet easy to grab for making music on the move.

Super UA main unit and I/O module in the studio

The Super UA main unit and I/O module in the studio.

When you want to work away from your studio, the main unit easily detaches from the I/O module and functions as a two-in/two-out interface with dual headphone jacks. This lets you leave your mics and monitors connected in the studio while you bring the Super UA’s great performance with you on the road or to a gig. When you get back home, just plug in the breakout connector and any other I/O cables to get back up and running in seconds.

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