V-Drums Friend Jam Improves Your Drumming

 Have You Tried V-Drums Friend Jam?

First, a bit of a disclaimer and a short story. I work for Roland as a sales rep and have been playing electronic drums since 1994. I was first introduced to V-Drums Friend Jam in Los Angeles at a Roland sales and product meeting. Steve Fisher, V-Drums innovator and drummer extraordinaire, showed us this innovative drumming program, which was already fairly popular in Japan. I immediately wanted to try it, so I jumped right in. After it was over, a number came up, something in the 600s. “What is that?” I asked. Steve said, “You’re ranked 600.” “600 what?” I asked. “600th best drummer,” said Steve. “Out of how many?” I asked. “Oh, I dunno, a couple thousand.” That’s all I needed to hear to light up my competitive chops. More