Meet the Loop Station World Championship 3 U.S. Finalists

Berlin Belgin Ugursu – Baltimore, MD

Belgin Uğursu, aka DJ Berlin, is best known in her country as the “Queen of Pedals.” A loop artist, songwriter, guitarist and DJ from Istanbul, Turkey, DJ Berlin became interested in music at an early age. She grew up playing the baglama, a popular Turkish instrument, and eventually picked up the guitar. She moved to the United States to work on her music with Tony Jones, an American bass player and songwriter, eventually relocating to Baltimore to attend a DJ school. Berlin aspires to make music in the style of Deadmau5 and would eventually like to write music for film.

Vox Machina – Longmont, CO

Matt Murphy and Mister Tim combine their beatboxing skills, vocal prowess, and technical savviness to create their signature in-your-face sound. Fused with an eclectic array of sounds ranging from electro pop to funk, folk and rock, the two minds of Vox Machina have been in countless bands, productions, experimental groups and cutting-edge a capella acts around the country.

Paul Newman – Hollywood, CA

Super Tall Paul Newman could be best described as a multi-instrumentalist, utilizing the BOSS loop stations to act as the modern day “one man band.” He has played host to renegade shows and street performances for nearly a decade. Well versed in the art of improvisation, Super Tall Paul has created his shows based off of the rapport with his unsuspecting audiences. A truly unique vocalist and beatboxer, he is also skilled in playing the ukulele, flute, sax and nose whistle.

Robert Williamson – Dublin, GA

When his wife was diagnosed with MS, Robert Williamson made the decision not to pursue a career in music, instead working at a paper manufacturing plant to care for his wife and three boys. He has spent time singing in his local church, and placed second in the talent category and third overall in the 1996 Country Showdown national finals, the world’s largest country music contest. Williamson bought a BOSS RC-300 when a friend showed him a Jarle Bernhoft video on YouTube. On a whim, Williamson submitted a video to the Loop Station World Championship and it brought him all the way to the U.S. National Finals.

Danny Watson – Cincinnati, OH

Danny Watson has always loved the creative process of making music, especially live looping. He has been singing and beatboxing for the past six years and began rapping and looping two years ago. He is currently studying mechanical engineering at the University of Cincinnati while recording his first studio album. He plans to work on his music and grow in the industry for many years to come.

Steven Cantor – Alpharetta, GA

Steven Cantor, aka Heaven Beatbox, has recently emerged from the hip hop scene as one of the next up-and-coming beatboxers. A true hip hop head, he is also skilled in b-boying and graffiti art. Heaven has had numerous TV and radio appearances including BeatBox Event Europe (Paris), 95.5 and Q100’s “Atlanta Talented Show”, “All About the Business” on the CW, and Scribble Jam National Beatbox Championships. In 2008, he opened for Big Boi of Outkast. He began touring in 2010, performing in clubs and different venues on the east coast. He was most recently in Berlin, representing the United States in the World Beatbox Championships. He is currently the 2012 American Vice-Beatbox Champion.