The Revolutionary Roland Aerophone, Now Available in Two Colors

Choose Between Original White and New Graphite Black Finishes

Roland Aerophone AE-10G (top) and Aerophone AE-10.

Roland Aerophone AE-10G (top) and AE-10.

Roland’s Aerophone is a groundbreaking digital wind instrument that opens a new world of expressive possibilities for saxophonists and other wind players. First introduced in late 2016, the standard Aerophone AE-10 features a handsome white finish that really stands out on stage. While this model continues to be very popular, some players have requested a darker look for a more understated appearance. With the Aerophone AE-10G, that option is now here! Aside from its sleek graphite black finish, the AE-10G offers all the great sounds and playability of the original AE-10 model, which remains available as well.