Randall May EMAATS Mounting System Now Available

Enhanced Response and Natural Feel for Tom Pads in Roland V-Drums Sets

Randall May EMAATS tom mount with V-Pad.

Randall May EMAATS tom mount with V-Drums PD-108-BC V-Pad.

Roland U.S. is pleased to announce that we’re now distributing the EMAATS™ Mounting System from Randall May International™. Designed for the tom pads in V-Drums sets, this innovative system employs patented technologies to improve response and bring real acoustic tom feel to electronic drums for the first time. Read on to find out more about this cool new hardware, which is available as an easy retrofit for a number of different V-Drums stand models.

Video: Randall May EMAATS System for V-Drums

Real Acoustic Tom Feel and Improved Performance

The EMAATS system features Randall May International’s MAATS (Magnetic Air Adjustment Tom Suspension) technology, which allows electronic tom pads to respond and feel like acoustic toms that are mounted on traditional resonance-enhancing suspension mounts, but with even more adjustability. Each mount features an innovative magnetic tensioning system that can be adjusted by the player to suit their own tom feel preferences, from free-floating to rigid.

An additional benefit of this unique mount is its isolation properties. Mechanical vibration transmission through the stand is greatly reduced, mitigating any possible double and/or false triggering between pads.

The EMAATS mount is quick and easy to install on Roland's MDS-50KV, MDS-50K, and MDS-25 stands.

The EMAATS mount is quick and easy to install on Roland’s MDS-50KV, MDS-50K, and MDS-25 stands.

Easy Adjustment

You can easily customize the EMAATS adjustment with the turn of a drum key. It’s also possible to tweak the angle of each pad by adjusting the mounting post with a box-end wrench (7/16-inch/11 mm).

V-Drums Stand Compatibility

The EMAATS mounting system is compatible with the following Roland V-Drums stands:

With any of these stands, simply replace the existing tom mounts and instantly feel the difference.

More Info

To learn more about the EMAATS system and find a dealer, visit the EMAATS product page at RolandUS.com.

EMAATS Mounting System for V-Drums