New Product: JD-Xi Interactive Crossover Synthesizer

Hybrid Synth with Analog and Digital Sound Engines, Vocoder, and More

Roland JD-Xi Interactive Crossover Synthesizer

Roland JD-Xi Interactive Crossover Synthesizer.

If you’re a synth fanatic, the JD-Xi Interactive Crossover Synthesizer is a cool new hybrid keyboard that you’ll love! It features a true analog synth engine for authentic lead and bass tones, plus two digital sound engines that power Roland’s famous SuperNATURAL synth sounds. There are a ton of great drum kits on board as well, plus a four-track pattern sequencer for putting together songs and loops. This compact powerhouse also comes with a high-quality gooseneck mic for exploring rich vocal textures with the built-in Vocoder, AutoPitch, and Auto Note functions.

Analog+Digital: The Best of Both Worlds

With its unique crossover design, the JD-Xi delivers two distinctive sonic personalities. In one affordable keyboard, you get the warm, smooth response of classic analog, plus the clarity and versatility of modern digital.

Roland JD-Xi Interactive Crossover Synthesizer Top Panel

Top panel of the Roland JD-Xi Interactive Crossover Synthesizer.

The analog section of the JD-Xi features a newly developed monophonic synth with saw, triangle, and square waveforms, along with pulse-width modulation and an analog filter. There’s also an independent sub oscillator, great for creating fat, wall-shaking bass sounds.

Loaded with Roland’s acclaimed SuperNATURAL synth tones, the two digital synth sections in the JD-Xi provide 128-voice total polyphony for playing nearly any music style. A wide range of sounds are on tap, including pads, strings, electric piano, sound effects, and many others.

All sounds can be tweaked in real time with hands-on Filter, Amp/Envelope, and LFO controls. There are also four simultaneous effects that offer standard processing options like reverb and delay along with more dramatic sound-shapers such as Bit Crusher, Slicer, Ring Mod, and more. Each effects section can be turned on/off separately for the three synth sections and drums, allowing you to explore many different combos for enhancing your music. 

Gooseneck Mic & Vocal Effects

In addition to its awesome synth sounds, the JD-Xi comes with a high-quality gooseneck mic for bringing your voice into the mix. It conveniently plugs into the XLR jack on the top panel, always at the ready to employ whenever you like. If you have a favorite dynamic mic you’d like to use, no problem—just connect it the XLR jack instead. It’s even possible to process sounds from an external device instead of a mic by connecting to the 1/4-inch input jack on the rear panel.

Roland JD-Xi Interactive Crossover Synthesizer with Gooseneck Mic

Roland JD-Xi Interactive Crossover Synthesizer with included gooseneck mic.

The vocal effects in the JD-Xi are simple to access and sound great. The Vocoder lets you achieve classic keyboard-controlled vocal sounds with ease, while AutoPitch instantly processes your singing to produce the electronic vocal sounds heard in so many modern tracks. And don’t forget the unique Auto Note function—with a press of a button, you can trigger the current JD-Xi synth sound using just your voice!

Powerful Music Production Features

The JD-Xi is not just a fun compact synth with vocal effects—it also includes many great tools for music production, either on its own or as part of a larger studio setup.

Included in the JD-Xi are many different electronic and acoustic kits for building all kinds of beats. Drum instrument assignments are labeled above the keys for easy identification, and you can personalize kits by adjusting filter, envelope, pitch, and pan parameters on individual sounds.

The JD-Xi’s four-track pattern sequencer includes separate tracks for the two digital synth sections, analog synth, and drums. Real-time and step recording modes allow you to create loops any way you prefer, and there’s even a TR-REC mode that lets you program in the style of Roland’s classic TR-series beatboxes. It’s simple to play patterns and tweak sounds as you perform, and many preset patterns are built in to get you started playing with the JD-Xi right away.

Roland JD-Xi Interactive Crossover Synthesizer Rear Panel

Rear panel of the Roland JD-Xi Interactive Crossover Synthesizer.

While its compact size and 37 mini keys make the JD-Xi perfect for creating self-contained music on the go, the synth also integrates nicely with your home studio. Via USB or old-school MIDI connectors, you’re able to use the JD-Xi as a controller keyboard and high-quality sound source when working with your favorite music production software.

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