BOSS RC-505 Loop Station

RC-505 Debuts at Musikmesse 2013

BOSS RC-505 Loop Station

BOSS RC-505 Loop Station

BOSS has just introduced the RC-505 Loop Station, a new breed of looper that’s perfect for beatboxers, singers, club performers, and DJs. With its compact, tabletop design and powerful yet simple interface, the RC-505 gives you fingertip control of five simultaneous stereo loop tracks, a variety of recording and playback options, amazing real-time effects, and much more.

The RC-505: A New Concept in Loop Stations

Fueled by BOSS’ industry leading Loop Station products and annual Loop Station World Championship competitions, the live looping movement has exploded over the last few years. From the start, Loop Stations have been incredibly popular with guitarists, singer/songwriters, and multi-instrumentalists. But recently, increasing numbers of solo vocalists have been discovering the amazing potential of live looping as well. With just a microphone and a Loop Station, beatboxers and singers can perform in a highly creative and dynamic new way, using the incredible expressive range of the human voice to deliver jaw-dropping soundscapes, intense rhythmic onslaughts, and beyond.

Until now, Loop Stations have been designed mainly for floor use, so that instrumentalists and vocalists can operate them with their feet while performing. However, most vocal loopers prefer to use them at table height so they can manipulate the controls with their hands. The RC-505 is ideal for these modern performers, offering a powerful, dedicated device built for easy fingertip operation and maximum expression.

With its five simultaneous stereo loop tracks and up to three hours of recording time, the RC-505 is also well suited for DJs and club performers. Via USB, you can load up the RC-505’s tracks with WAV audio files consisting of everything from sound effects to entire songs, then trigger, mix, and manipulate them sampler-style with the front-panel controls and effects.

BOSS RC-505 Loop Station front view.

BOSS RC-505 Loop Station—front view

Effects, External Control, and More

Powerful INPUT FX and TRACK FX make it easy to enhance or mangle live sounds and loops as you perform, with quick-access buttons for effects selection and dedicated knobs for real-time tweaking. Multiple inputs (all available simultaneously) include an XLR mic jack with phantom power, mono/stereo instrument jacks, and a mini-jack for hooking up a smart phone or music player. 99 phrase memories allow you to save your loop creations instantly, including all five tracks plus effects and playback settings.


BOSS RC-505 Loop Station rear panel.

BOSS RC-505 Loop Station—rear panel

The RC-505 can be operated externally via optional foot switches, an expression pedal, or MIDI devices, providing extended control for vocal performers and instrumentalists. The RC-505 also functions as a USB audio/MIDI interface, so you can integrate with your favorite DAW for audio recording, MIDI sync, and more.

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